Soulite – Ultimate Korean Style Evening

On a chilly Friday night, we head up to the Central Ferry Pier to join a lovely Korean style event organized by Soulite on a boat. This junk boat evening for the startup-minded is a brilliant idea from three Korean girls living in Hong Kong for a while who had enough of going out in the same streets to drink the same things. They wanted to meet new startup-minded people and share their culture and passion for life. Starting from this realization, Soulite was born and it finally brought something new in Hong Kong.

So what is it? It’s a natural drink made with Soju. And Soju, for those who don’t know, is the world’s most popular Korean booze! Distilled mostly from rice, this alcohol is around 20% and is well-known for its rather bitter taste. The great idea from these three young and talented women was to propose a naturally infused and handcrafted version of their national drink.

They have 5 signature flavours (pineapple, cucumber, coffee, lemon, grape) and it’s made on demand. And for those who care, my favorite is pineapple and my least beloved one is lemon. They never stop experimenting and also have special flavours introduced on a seasonal basis. We had the chance to taste the Yakult (Japanese probiotic dairy product) and the apple-cinnamon versions and it’s was really good… ideal to mix with the coffee version and useful with the lemon version :)

Soulite Junk Party

We spent a nice evening indeed meeting interesting and kind people in a relaxed mood. But we already knew that we would have been in very good company with the three dynamic Korean hosting ladies Yoona, June and MJ. Their wish is to share their love for Soju with Hong Kong, and we can say that for this night it’s a mission well accomplished.

We’re eally impatient to see what’s coming next and we will look closely the next chapter of their adventure. They deserve your help as they are a perfect example of the effervescence in Hong Kong when it comes to business and innovation. Gun bae everyone!


Phone: 94127839

All pictures are courtesy of the talented Derryography who joined us for this crazy party.

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