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Fire Emblem Heroes – Book II

The Book II of the story of Fire Emblem Heroes begins! First of all the least we can say is that a lot features has been added. Since this is not a recent game, you will find below a list that tries to summarize all these new additions to an already complex game.

New features

  • Book II is now available in the story mode
  • Legendary abilities for your heroes
  • Blessings for your heroes
  • 4 new elemental typed (Water, Earth, Wind and Fire)
  • Weapon refinery is now available
  • Barracks maximum size id 300 now
  • Cooldowns have been lowered on some special skills
  • New high level skills for staff users
  • Review of the arena scoring and Arena Assault ranking
  • 10,000 Feathers area available as a My Nintendo rewards

Free hero

While all this new features are really exciting, this is not the best news! You will get a free new hero once you cleared the first chapter of this new book of Fire Emblem Heroes!! Therefore getting a good incentive to join the party with the excellent Fjorm and her sacred weapon called Leiptr.

Fjorm (Concept)

Probably not that powerful but still pretty useful with its distant counter ability and a good stats spread. Cherry on the cake: it doesn’t requires that much skills inheritance to be efficient and competitive (just reposition and you’re good to go). In conclusion, have a look at the Tier List to see how she ranks among the other powerful heroes already available.

Fjorm Build (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Review of Fire Emblem Heroes

I admit that I prefer a lot more this game (with asynchronous battles and no timer) rather than Hearthstone from Blizzard. Most of all with all the bonuses and gifts always offered for the launch of major arch, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s fast as much as addictive. Ideal for short breaks, therefore perfect for today fast paced world!


Fire Emblem Heroes – Book II Micka

Summary: Excellent second chapter with a lot of new features and a free hero for this really efficient mobile game! A good opportunity to discover a great game but also an underrated saga of Nintendo. The effort from Intelligent Systems to limit powercreeps is a very good initiative to keep the game accessible to new challengers. Be careful this game can be as addictive as crack... and maybe as pricey ;)



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