Cosplay Azura Cosplay (Calssara)

Published on December 1st, 2017 | by Micka


Fire Emblem Heroes – Stunning Cosplay of Azura

This costume of Azura (also known as Aqua) from Fire Emblem Fates should have been a nightmare to make (especially with those patterns).

Azura (Fire Emblem)

Costume and accessories are self-made by Calssara. She received some help from Syrupcookie for the staff. Congratulations for the beautiful pictures taken by Lyonel Stief.

Azura Cosplay (Calssara)
Azura Cosplay (Calssara)
Azura Cosplay (Calssara)

Azura is one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem Heroes (because she’s a singer) and it’s a shame that I haven’t been able to pull her out for now from summoning.

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