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Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy

After having a lot of fun playing Fire Emblem Heroes, I had the pleasure to try this new Gashapon. Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy is of course based on the famous universe from our childhood created by Masami Kurumada. Such a brilliant opportunity to meet again with all our favorite characters from the manga and the anime.

Amazing Content For Fans

After 3 years, the game offers an unmatched content with more than 170 characters available. With a lot of different game modes, it’s definitely time-consuming but it’s also the guarantee that you won’t be bored so early.

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy Characters

Beginner Guide

In order to maximize all the gifts that you can accumulate every day in the game, you will find a guideline below for your reference. But remember the golden rule is to connect at least once per day and complete all the missions!

  • Login Bonus: every month you will receive gifts each day you log in to the game
  • Additional Bonus: birthday celebration and special login bonus are another reason to login everyday
  • Coin Gasha: you have 5 free rolls per day to gather 60 player XP points
  • Holy Stone Gasha: you have 1 free roll every day
  • Athena’s Miracle: call upon it once per day to gather 60 player XP points
  • Enhance Skills: do it 10 times to gather 60 player XP points
  • Enhance a piece of equipement: another 40 player XP points to help you level up
  • Raid Battles: play at least 2 times to win 8000 coins
  • Extra Quests: win 5 times using instant clear ticket (to save time), it grants you 150 player XP points and 10000 coins but also cosmo to unlock characters
  • Quests: if you complete the previous step, it’s only 5 other quests to clear to gain 120 player XP points and 7000 coins
  • Saint Training Quests: clear 2 quests in auto mode to collect 100 player XP points
  • Material Collection Quests: clear 3 quests in auto mode to ensure getting 100 player XP points and 8000 coins
  • Cosmo Challenge: clear at least the first match to get 150 player XP points and more if you want to accumulate items
  • Arena: fight 3 times even if you lose to get 250 player XP points
  • Grand Pope Quests: carry out 2 quests per day to ensure having 120 player XP points and 15000 coins
  • Support Saint: assign one per day to get 20 player XP points
  • Guild: visit your guild to sometimes get coins from your teammates and don’t forget to aid one of them to get 15 stamina per day
  • Olympus Battle: join these battles between players to gain a lot of items, coins and cosmos.

With all of this, you can get each day 1230 player XP points and 48000 coins. It’s also worth noting that the monthly ticket grants you 240 holy stones per day for a very affordable price.

Useful Resources

The main site of information about this game and the true bible to follow to be up to date on the latest characters available is without contest SSCF Database. I invite you to have a look at this incredible database at this address: Nicely coded with an amazing minimalist design, this THE reference for Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy players.

SSCF Database

official website:

Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy Micka

Summary: Far from being perfect, the game is nonetheless what Saint Seiya fans are looking for. Sometimes unresponsive with too many loading and connection errors that force you to restart, Namco can definitely improve the game along the way. However, the die-hard fans of the series will be thrilled and addicted for sure with all their favorite characters to collect. If you're patient, it's worth noting that it can be played for free without feeling any frustration like other Gashas available at the moment.



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