Vintage Messenger Bag by the Whipping Post

This vintage messenger bag is a tribute to those antique postal bags. But the story begun when Ryan Barr, after a string of failed careers, decided to make a leather strap for his guitar. There was a business there and Whipping Post was born. Since that time, the product line has grown with bags, wallets and even hats and watch straps.

Vintage Messenger Bag (Whipping Post)

The bag is made of 100% vegetable tanned leather and the promise of the brand is an incredible durability. It includes an adjustable padded strap, a key lanyard and a back newspaper pouch. Beautiful accessory for the vintage lovers, it’s foremost a well conceived bag for work and leisure. It allows you to carry your computer(s) with you everywhere in this digital world. A touch of classicism that matches easily with a lot of dress codes but performs really well with the casual smart trend nowadays.

If really we need to complain, the only downside is the lack of sorting pouches or straps inside the bag that can help a lot if you’re using it for work. But, to be fair, the minimalism is also part of the vintage spirit. Nonetheless, I recommend this messenger bag to all the lovers of vintage fashion or leather products. The online shop is neat and the delivery is really fast for this awesome product. Maybe it’s a little bit late for Christmas but it’s a really great gift idea. Anyways, I assume you don’t need any reason or justification to treat yourself. If you’re convinced, you can find this vintage messenger bag at

Vintage Messenger Bag

Vintage Messenger Bag by the Whipping Post Micka



Summary: Great vintage bag, very fast delivery


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